Transform Pain into Purpose, one Journal Entry at a Time, Artist-Inspired.

The Love Story inspires the broken-hearted to transform pain into purpose through Journal-Artism, a writing genre that fuses journaling, journalism, with the personal journey to write-out, discern, and act-out our true passion, pursuit, and purpose.  We inspire those recovering from heartbreak, grief, and trauma to transform our tragedy into a divine comedy in seven acts.
As Journal-Artists, we journal our trauma into fictional drama because the truth will set us free, one journal entry at a time, artist-inspired. In story, we illuminate and discern our shadows to reveal a better pathway for ourselves, and we integrate our shadows to pursue our true purpose
Reveal, feel, deal, and heal. 
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Benefits of Expressive Writing

  • Become self-aware.
  • Come to a sound mind and clear thoughts.
  • Create a legacy through memory capsules.
  • Boost emotional intelligence.
  • Validate your experience.
  • Affirm what you have gone through.
  • Strengthen self-discipline through the habit of journaling.
  • Improve communication skills.
  • Grow with strength, confidence, and assertiveness.
  • Spark creativity.
  • Increase self confidence.
  • Compatible with CBT, CFT, MBCBT, ACT, and DBT
Explore the Health Benefits of Expressive Writing

Benefits of Shadow Work

  • Shadow Work empowers choice.
  • Uncover the hidden feelings you’ve suppressed.
  • Validate your experiences.
  • Stop the ghosts of your past from haunting when they are finally heard.
  • Lower the frequency and intensity of downward spirals.
  • Connect with other kindred Journal-Artists.
  • Allow your experience to be respected, validated, and transformed.
  • Help others while you are being helped by others.
  • Discern truth from life-lies through the power of resonate-editing.
  • Activate your subconscious.
  • Return the power of truth back into your conscious mind.
  • Allow the subconscious to speak to you in expressive writing.
  • Increase self-respect, self-confidence, and self-esteem through the discipline of validating your feelings, your pain, your experiences while helping others validate theirs.
More About Shadow Work

“It’s helped me understand my own emotions better and it provides a sense of validation and legitimacy to my work and feelings.”

Bry LeBerthon
Student at NYU

“It has helped make a positive change in my life by helping me heal through pain that I wasn’t facing by myself.”

Chelsea Wolfe
Editor, Full Time Worker, and Full Time Mom

“I’ve regained my love of writing and gained a journaling community that encourages me to write and supports my efforts. I’ve become a better writer simply by virtue of practice and through the prompts and ideas that The Love Story program has offered me.”

Rebecca Whitney
Librarian, Editor, and Student

“In the most positive way. It has allowed me to express myself freely and not be ashamed of it.”

Viviany Alicea
Graduate Student

“I’m the type of person to bottle up emotions. I’m not good at communicating, so journaling is my opportunity to let out negative or pent up emotions and release them so that I can move on.”

Kali Paszkiewicz
Author, Full Time Worker, and Graduate Student

“It has affected me deeply. Not only has my writing techniques improved, but I also write more confidently. I feel that I have grown into myself and my writing has matured.”

Sarah Smith
Full time Graduate Student & Editor

“I’ve learned to be more open and less judgemental of my own writing. How to write for myself without pleasing others.”

Katie Andrews
Author, Editor, and Veterinarian Associate

“It has toned my inner voice, defined my sense of purpose, and it’s fun.

Tamara Luckett
Mother, Author, and Entrepreneur

“I want to go back and explore. Why did it happen when it happened. …Women often suppress their emotions…we think, ‘if I just swallowed that back, it’ll go away,’ and it’s like ‘Nope! Still here.’ and so I think I’m starting to really figure, I can’t swallow that back. I need to let things out.”

Dorothy England
Full Time Worker, Author, and Entrepreneur
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