“When Leaders Bloom” Fiction. Based on a True Blossoming Experience.

“Allowing darkness to creep its way in…and we’re just sitting there.” – Gabe Otto

“When Leaders Bloom”

Fiction. Based on a True Blossoming Experience.

 by Suzanna T.

For Today

I give up hope on the big picture as it relates to life on Earth. There may be light on the other side of the tunnel, but here, where humanity resides…there is not a flicker, not a flame.

People will never change.

Believe? Yes, I have retained my faith. I still believe that somewhere there is a God who they say sits high and looks low. I still feel the presence of Jesus as he walks beside me through this desert while the devil tempts me to be just like everyone else. But I won’t.

I have my eyes fixed on a prize that I’ll never actually see. Not here. Not now.

I believe that I’ll always suffer. I’ll always be too cold. Never have a place to call my own. I’ll always be forced to cram myself into little places where I don’t really fit, and always feel the need to demand more. And then never get it.

I have to find a way to be okay with that. But for today, it’s disappointing. Having a vision of the future and seeing that the rest of your life will just more of the same.

I’ll tell you what… maybe the Earth is flat. And so is any hope for peace on Earth. And me…I have to be okay with that.


For the Future

Just when you forget who you are, someone reminds you of who you are not. They tell me to remember my place. To not thrive. To not grow. To relinquish the roots my father planted deep within the black Earth. Yes, the Earth is black and round; and I am part of it. For now.

Wikipedia says that the use of the word “betrays the speaker.” And that it did. Now I know how they see me. Despite my fair treatment of others, despite my education, my humble ambitions; I will still be judged by my tone. Not my song.

This is no time for hurt feelings. This is no time to give up my hope for mankind or the hope I have that I may see more in my lifetime.

This is the time to prove that the world is round and alive, and forever blooming…like me. Like you.

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