We are new media storytellers with a philanthropic commitment to validate and inspire the broken hearted to transform their pain into creative expression instead of self-destruction. We believe that by taking away the stigma of depression we will lower suicidal ideations associated with personal adversities.


We Produce Journaling Programs that Inspired the Broken Hearted to transform Pain into Purpose, Heartbreak into their Call to Adventure, and one’s Life Tragedy into The Love Story. We also interview artists who have transformed their loss into creative expression and produce interactive diaries to inspire others to do the same.



Interview An Artist


As each one resolves in his heart,
That promise he must deliver,*
Not out of sorrow nor duress,
For God loves a cheerful giver.
God can increase all grace to you
So that you, having all you need
All the time and in everything,
Might abound for every good deed.
And he who supplies all the seed
To the sower to be sown,
And He who supplies bread for food
From the seed that has been thrown-
He will provide your seed to sow,
And it, He will multiply,
And He’ll increase your righteousness,
This harvest He will supply
In everything you’ll be enriched
So you can generously share,
Which brings forth thanksgiving to God
Through us *as your gifts we bear.
The Poetic Second Letter to the Corinthians,
translated in Greek in Poetic Rhythm and Rhyme by Michael D. Wester

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