#1 Watch, #2 Pause, Play, & Pull Quote or Answer Prompt Provided and,
#3 Journal 15 Minutes or more.
Ep. 146 Peaches and Patience

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. What lessons are you learning during your story and character arc?

Ep. 143 Pills and Thrills

What tests have become your testimony?

Ep. 144 Oh God!

How has God blessed and multiplied your “only five loafs of bread and two fish?”

Ep. 145 If I'm Not There With You

How has choosing grace allowed you to impact others in ways that you could not have predicted?

Ep. 142The Helpless Shadow Transforming

What alchemized shadows are you ready to de-alchemize and return back to its noble state?

Ep. 141 Bear the Remnant

What is a remnant that you bear witness to that keeps you going in life?

Ep. 140 Stag Party

What fears are you leaning into?

Ep. 139 A Bad Place

What parameters are you setting to guard your heart?

Ep. 137 The Mirror Darkly

What are you loyal to? How has this loyalty shaped your character and your destiny?

Ep. 136 Art of War

What inspires you to fight?

Ep. 131 Thanks and Giving

If a miracle happened that extended your time here on earth longer, how would you spend this time and how would you pay it forward?

Ep. 130 Looking For Me

Who do you know could benefit from telling their truth in fiction while transforming tragedy through narrative story-journaling.

Ep. 129 Hope of Return

Where is your New Center? Document it.

Ep. 128 Rise, Bear, and Walk

Who in your life or what cause can you rise, bear, and walk for?

Ep. 127 We Made It

What blessings can forgiveness bring?

Ep. 123 The Psychopath

What have you sown that God is now growing?

Ep. 125 This is Cray

What parts of your crazy can turn cray?

Ep. 124 Anti-Curses

What breadcrumbs are you picking up on your journey towards a breakthrough?

Ep. 123 The Psychopath

Revenge or Redemption? Choose.

Ep. 122 One is a Lone Number

How has being the solo spirit within given you the serenity and trust needed to keep on keeping on?

Ep. 121 God's Promise to Abraham

What is the promise God has made with you through the legacy of Abraham’s covenant?

Ep. 120 Back to Basics

How can you get back to basics? What is your grounding practice?

Ep. 119 The Real Magdalene

What parts of your life requires beheading?

Ep. 119 Waymaker

How has your Maker made way for you?

Ep. 117 Shadow Work

What shadows are triggered and illuminated when tragedy happens?