Twin Flames

We were the best couple on the outside. Whenever we went to parties or clubs, we would have fun, drink, dance and chat with other people. Whenever we went on vacation with other couples, we would be the ones breaking up the couple drama from others. We both had money and would buy each other extravagant gifts that make others envious. His family loved me and I love them, but they did not see what was happening behind closed doors. We were together for two years until I eventually gave up on all the chaos happening when everyone was asleep or around.

He and I were very similar and I thought that was a good thing. I thought that having multiple things in common would create stability in the relationship, but I was completely wrong.

We were both aggressive which can lead to long and heated arguments. We were both short tempered which leads to physical or verbal abuse. We were both athletic and competitive which can lead to degrading one another. We both wanted to have the last say in a conversation, which can lead to a lot of stubbornness. Lastly, we were also both sarcastic which is why the people around us always thought we were joking with one another all the time.

We loved each other dearly, but eventually I knew that I was unhappy.

Sometimes in a relationship, it is nice to have different personalities. There needs to be a balance between couples instead of being the same.

Twin Flames


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