“The Sound of the Universe” Fiction. Based on a True Experience with Stars.

“You know in music… You don’t have the time to think about what anguishes you.”  Matt Sassari

“The Sound of the Universe”

Fiction. Based on a True Experience with Stars.

by Starry Teller

This journal entry is inspired by true events. Some of the characters, names, businesses, incidents, and certain locations and events have been fictionalized for dramatic purposes. Any similarity to the name, character or history of any person is entirely coincidental and unintentional.

Listen to the sound of the universe.
In the beginning there was music. Light sang a melody too complex to hear, and song danced a ballet unchoreographed before. Life grew and changed and shrank before it was ready to exist in its entirety. The thread of living matter, fragile at first yet unquenchable in the manner it breathed, refused to be restrained into a single body. Light did not ask permission to be. Neither does the song within you, within me. Do you feel that? Each cell in me quakes as I remember the life before—the life from out there. Beyond the permeable yet definite atmosphere of this one sphere upon which we find residence. Don’t tell me you can’t hear it—the voice of beauty herself calling out your name, daring to take you by the hand that you might explore all that she is. Beauty did not ask permission to be, did she?
Stop for a minute and breathe. You feel and see and love the world around you. You hear the heartbeat of the world below your feet and above your head, but you know not how to name it. Our patterned language is but a microcosm of our structured universe. The limit to our comprehensive powers of tangibility falls within the very first breath of palpable existence. Life itself dwells somewhere beyond the reach of our deficient hearing, and yet we hear it because it also dwells within us. The heartbeat of living matter resonates within us because we are attune to its overwhelming presence. Its touch is laughter. And its voice is a color we cannot comprehend. It makes up the twinkling stars. The dust of the Earth from which we are made. It existed before we ever did. And continues to exist through our very beings. It dances before us in the water and air. And we call it music.
The universe exists in each of us. The entire universe can fit within the heart of an individual human being—a compressed space, like before the explosion of all matter into existence. The universe out there, is in here. The world is everything and nothing as all substance is existent and nonexistent at the same time. For while life is tangible, it is also intangible. The deepest complexities are both minute and infinite—the atoms we scrutinize; the stars we fantasize. The atoms and stars are one, though they are vastly different—just as we are made of both atoms and stars. The atoms which comprise our physical bodies gives human structure to the essence of stars. The very material which makes up the stars in the sky is the same material that makes up human life. We are in our very essence, star-like.
So listen, again to the sound of the universe. To the sound of your breath. We call it music. But we need not call it anything. For it is the very sky itself. The sky and water. The source. The essence. It’s you. And it’s me. The music. The language of the stars. The stars did not ask permission to be, and neither do we.

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