“The Perfect One” Fiction. Based on a True Love Letter to My Inner Child. by Mingjie Zhai

“The Perfect One”

Fiction. Based on a True Love Letter to My Inner Child.

By Mingjie Zhai

This journal entry is inspired by true events. Some of the characters, names, businesses, incidents, and certain locations and events have been fictionalized for dramatic purposes. Any similarity to the name, character or history of any person is entirely coincidental and unintentional

Dear Angelie,

Please remember:

Please remember that you are the perfect one, that you deserve to be treated with respect, love, and admiration.

Please remember that there is a love who loves you with no conditions.  

Please remember you serve a divine purpose with a good mission, that you were wonderfully, fearfully, and exquisitely made by a Divine Creator.

Please remember that you are created with love, by love, with a divine commission, that you have been divinely designed in truth and spirit with Godly permissions.  

Please remember that when you come across harm it’s okay to get out of the way.

Please remember that when the people, places, and things you trust leaves when the going gets tough that it’s okay to fall down, then get back up, dust off the dust and continue you must.  

Please remember that when your best may be someone else’s not good enough, that it’s more about what the other person is dealing with that’s rough and tough.

Please remember it’s okay to spread your wings and fly the purple sky, that your obedience in God’s voice will never lead you astray.  

Please remember the story of Elijah in the cave when the windstorm, the earthquake, and the fires gave way, that it was all in preparation for Elijah’s obedience to God’s command again.  

Please remember that it’s okay:

It’s okay to call a spade a spade.

It’s okay to stop fixing, changing someone else and walk away.

It’s okay to realize that you’ve overstayed your stay.

It’s okay to want better, to be better, to do better through Love’s way.

It’s okay that you are not someone else’s perfect one because it’s not personal to you when your enough is someone else’s not good enough.

It’s okay to realize that the not good enough is your own good enough and that’s good enough for you to be okay.

Please remember:

Please remember that one day you’ll be reminded again that the perfect one has always been within,

Please remember that the perfect one is for you and with you, constant all day, all night, and never goes away.  

Please remember that you are your own perfect one, and that joy will shine through each day,

Please remember that the most important person to respect is your inner voice and your authentic self.  

Then, you’ll be able to:

You’ll be able to hear her cry,

you’ll be able to hear her song,

you’ll be able to understand where she belongs.

You’ll be able to stand up for her when things ain’t right.

you’ll be able to defend her and fight the good fight.  

You’ll be able to forgive her for tolerating abuse,

You’ll be able to understand her for wanting to help the abuser change for the better, even when it causes her the blues.

You’ll be able to cry with her when she is hurt.

You’ll be able to hurt with her when she is injured.

You’ll be able to love her for all her emotional roller coasters,

You’ll be able to love her smile, her frown, her crooked teeth and cracked feet,

her beautiful lips, hips, and tips,

her almond light brown eyes, her look of innocent surprise, her smooth soft skin,

the dirt under her nails, her soft and mean voice, her mean and kind tones,

her joyous and witchy laughter, and her telling of tall tales,

her manic highs and her depressive lows,

her mood swings when the wind blows.

You’ll love her for all her colors, from her head to her toes, 

for the anger, for the sorrow, for the longing for a better tomorrow.


You’ll be able to know beyond a shadow of a doubt,

that the perfect one has always been loving yourself.  


Love Always,  

Mingjie Zhai      

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