The Light Within the Dream

When Dream Rockwell opened the doors of her home to TLS, she also opened the depths of her heart for the rest of the world.

By Sooean Chin

Feature photo by Aaron Glassman

“What a wonderful concept,” she said. As the Chairwoman of Cuddle the World—an organization that brings teddy bears, musical instruments, blankets and toys to underprivileged and orphaned children from all over the world—Dream is no stranger to humanitarian work. Founder of The Lucent Dossier Experience and co-founder of The Do Lab—best known for its flagship event, Lightning in a Bottle, that produces a week-long music, art, and wellness festival—Dream has always looked for opportunities to infuse art with social change.

Both Lucent and The Do Art Foundation have performed for social impact organizations like TwentyWonder, Make a Wish, Children’s Hospital True Heart Events, Ability First and others.

For a philanthropist, leader who does so much and means so much to many people, she still manages to look like the girl next door, with all the natural beauty and simple elegance that goes with it.

Dream looks relaxed and composed, clad in comfortable trousers on her living room couch, ready to confess with her heart.

Our producer asked Dream to point out any interview questions that she felt uncomfortable answering since almost all of it had to do with the type of questions only a personal therapist would probably ask of a patient. A few minutes later, she came on set and said, “I’m not one big on small talk.”

Translation: Bring it on.

In 2004, Dream Rockwell founded The Lucent Dossier Experience, a circus-styled, Tribal-Orchestra-infused dance of surrealism that is the birth child of Mother Fantasy with Father Phantasmagoria. It has all the eerie, shocking, and fascinating elements meant to jolt your norms and breakdown boundaries. The Lucent Dossier Experience puts the journey of bending perception on display with a raw and almost primal quality. Dream’s own quiet but powerful struggles is mirrored in The Lucent Dossier Experience’s “Forbidden Known”—which she produced during a painful breakup.

“It was one of the best shows we ever did,” Dream told TLS. The show revealed an animalistic and gritty aspect that could not have been expressed without her pain. She poured all the unspoken and unresolved into the performance, which helped her transform her emotions into a wave of awe and inspiration. Dream revealed the most poignant point of her show, Light of the World: “When we were crafting the show, our focus was the idea of the caterpillar in the cocoon,” Dream explained. “The caterpillar has no idea that he or she will be a butterfly.”

Since her first experience at Burning Man, a man inspired her to find the “point in the arrow,” and from there she knew she was destined to challenge society’s self-imposed norms through her creative expression. Also there, she met Josh and Jesse Flemming, who were both mastermind architects. But it wasn’t until a chance reunion at a party back in Los Angeles that they both became serious with creating a movement that manifested into The Do Lab.

“Perspective is everything. Everybody is telling the truth. One’s own truth. If we can release the idea that our perspective is right and that there is only one perspective, then everything is going to be okay. We can’t judge people for their perspective,” Dream said, “It is the idea of releasing judgment in our hearts.

Dream acknowledges that the process of releasing judgment requires tremendous effort. We can also apply this to the broken-hearted: It is easier to release the obsession of a lost love when unbound from judgment. “It’s okay if we see things, feel, or think differently,” Dream explained, “We can still stand side-by-side. We can still keep moving along. It’s just fine.”

Though separate perspectives, it all comes together like a movie scene, shot from multiple camera angles. Dream provides the “Riskier Conversations” at LIB2014: “We are dominos. We all affect each other. I am electrical grid that we can’t see. We are all affecting one another. It is very important that we protect each other and treat each other well.” “I can’t feel good all by myself. In order to sustain this happy, feel good, it is up to us to help others also feel good, because we are all one entity.”

Dream has the belief that we do not require a partner or material things to satisfy us because at the core, the light we have, and the light we are, sustains us. “Nobody can take that light away,” Dream said, “Leave me. Break my heart. But you can’t take it away, because I am my own light.”

Self-love and respect don’t have to be compromised by the regard we hold for others. Despite it all, “we all get through,” Dream assured.

Our interview with Dream reminded The Love Story that though we can’t rewind time to rectify past losses, we can, however, accept that love happened, that it unfolded beautifully–that even when the time came to let go of someone, we each have the strength to draw from and cultivate the inextinguishable.

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