“Writing…” Fiction. Based on a True Writing Journey.
Writing has been a safe space since you can remember.
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“Ladybugs” Fiction. Based on a True Editing Process.
I write as a form of masochism. Memory drifts easily into my veins Like an...
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“You Spend Your Life” Fiction. Based on a True Flight.
You spend your life exploring, The vast and open clearing. The places golden, places green:...
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“The Written Word” Fiction. Based on a True Success.
I'm unsure when it became difficult for me to transfer my chaotic thoughts into concise...
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“Recovering Perfectionist” Fiction. Based on a True Perfectionist.
I’m not a perfectionist Because my calendar Is color coded, and I rewrite my To-Do...
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Nicole Jarosz
Being extremely creative/open minded has given me a passionate nature to express myself through many...
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