All In One Peace?
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Ultimately, I must do my best to be the best me-- One who loves, one...
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“In Life’s Laboratory” Fiction. Based on a True Series of Flops.
I see all my stuff arrayed-- Prototypes that look good but don’t function. Things I...
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“Running Away at Home.” Fiction. Based on a True Flight from Reality.
If loving voices persist, despite your best efforts, take shallow, rapid breaths and try to...
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“Purchasing New to Forget the Old”
Of course, it’s because of the pandemic that you’ve closed in on this aisle of...
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“The Birdcage” Fiction. Based on a True Period of Mourning.
I thought you existed too in the agonies of a thousand screams.
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“Mental Space” Fiction. Based on a True Texting Conversation.
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You delete the texts. Your friend’s words imprinting themselves into your pupils. Looking around your...
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“The Letter ‘C'” Fiction. Based on a True Jewish Upbringing.
A little girl runs from her home. She’s afraid of circles and the letter ‘c’...
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