red sky at morning
What Do I Feel?
I’m going to try to say the three words and I’m going to fail. I...
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kristinanor via pexels
Bodily Betrayal
You’ve failed your body for nearly two decades, and now she is failing you. You...
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“Set Free.” Fiction. Based on a True Feeling.
Remembering his innocence, he is now beginning to see the light Revealing the light, he...
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“Open Ended Conversation.” Fiction. Based on a True Battle with Dependency.
Dependency is not born into someone it grows like a weed until It cannot be...
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“Jewel ? of the World”
Next, you put your head on the wall and whatever headache you were experiencing is...
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“Into Existence” Fiction. Based on a True Experience with Crippling Anxiety.
You have swallowed and digested a questionable amount of bitter, crippling self doubt. The sort...
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“Here’s To You” Fiction. Based on a True Spiritual Guide.
Don’t keep secrets. Embrace honesty and hold onto loyalty. Trust yourself and be wise with...
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