Narcissistic Mother
You were supposed to help guide me along this journey, but you attempted to sabotage...
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You. Never Me.
You were sewed into my skin. And you have no idea how much I cut...
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“Surprising Metamorphosis” Fiction. Based on a True Unfolding.
Now I’m wondering whether a year of dormancy in a Covid chrysalis was perhaps a...
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“Looking Down, Looking Back.” Fiction. Based on a True Perspective.
...I could withstand the occasional avalanche. I learned the boulders wouldn’t crush me, didn’t mean...
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“We Are Not Losing.” Fiction. Based on a True Battle with Mental Health.
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find your weapons in your heart, in your pen, in your pills. do what you...
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“I Should Love” Fiction. Based on a True Conversation.
smiling, smiling, smiling, smiling, through words that come pouring out that i don’t think are...
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“Do You Miss the Earth?” Fiction. Based on a True Love Letter Unsent.
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If life is a promise then you are sure good at breaking your word.
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