breaching the surface
With a new sense of clarity and vision, he breached the surface. Rays of sunlight...
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Novella. Fiction. Based on a True Forgetting.
love stories do not end with you they were never yours they were always mine
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“Fun” Fiction. Based on a True State of Mind.
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I look at myself in the mirror and feel so… bland. I need an escape...
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“Myself and My Love” Fiction. Based on a True Conversation in My Mind.
Your very being exudes love. Why? Because you exist. And existence is love. To love...
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“Wake Up Sista” Fiction. Based on a True Awakening.
Somehow I fed into this American dream of having everything just the way I want...
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“Words The Rede Fulfill” Fiction. Based on a True Spiritual Path.
I am followed by five demons: Anorexia nervosa, major depressive disorder, general anxiety disorder, self-harm...
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