Over You?
The thing about being strong is exactly that, everyone assumes I’m okay and then they...
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“Nothing” Fiction. Based on a True Numbness.
Nothing to make you want to come out of bed, nothing to make you want...
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“Before You Know It” Fiction. Based on a True Story about Change.
The way to the corner store was relatively straight except for the left turn three...
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“I Will Not Beg” Fiction. Based on a True Realization of Vying for Attention.
I can read between the silence and unanswered texts. I’m just sorry I didn’t listen...
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“Painful Past Hear to Last” Fiction. Based on True Emotions.
Unable to listen to his outspoken daughter when she needed him to hear her the...
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Pen on Handwritten journal
“Unspoken” Fiction. Based on a True Season of Heartbreak.
The lack of texts I decided was because you were just terrible at texting and...
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