About My Best Friend, Foxy
She will be and become your ever present witness, fully integrated in your light and...
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healed, a.k.a. imperfect
Perfection is overrated. Perfection is elusive. Perfection is unhealthy.
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dannyg via unsplash
Above and Beyond
Someone recently told me that you said, in the last few days she had spoken...
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“Stars Will Fall.” Fiction. Based on a True Meditation.
we will dissipate, with grace or a painfully human fight, into the sanctity of time.
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Novella. Fiction. Based on a True Forgetting.
love stories do not end with you they were never yours they were always mine
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“The Edge of Night.” Fiction. Based on a True Divide.
i am on the rooftop gazing at the twinkling sky the city and the stars...
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“Breathe” Fiction. Based on a True Journey
However, while she's sitting there trying to calm down, she can’t get the image of...
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“If Love Were Enough”
I always pass our graveyard when I drive from New Jersey to South Carolina.
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