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You still inspire poetry.
I can't stand the fact I care. I can’t stand the fact I ever cared....
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Who You Are And Who You Want To Be
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theres so much pain between those pages wedged between the paragraphs and lines drowning out...
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“Hush-Hush” Fiction. Based on a True Audio-book.
Tied, secured infinitely; nothing could forfeit. Lulling her to sleep with whispered spells My secret...
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“Reading Books” Fiction. Based on a True Tale of My Life.
"She lived, inserted within the boundary between reality and fantasy. As a child, she spent...
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“A Heroine” Fiction. Based on a True Lyrical Connection.
This is a story of a girl who knows when it will rain before the...
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“Time (in a Tree).” Fiction. Based on a True Childhood
Yellow and red leaves means the green leaves are dying. And I have never seen...
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