“Cut My Hair” Fiction. Based on a True Journey of Self-Discovery.
when i was a bit older, my friends told me i looked better with short...
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“Do You Miss the Earth?” Fiction. Based on a True Love Letter Unsent.
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If life is a promise then you are sure good at breaking your word.
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“Let the Hurt Girl Speak” Fiction. Based on a True Place to Speak
Let the hurt girl speak. Let her hurt, Let her heal, Let her be her.
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“A Love Letter.” Fiction Based on a True Longing
And so- I will bide my time until I meet You. I will write my...
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“Miracles in the Chaos” Fiction. Based on a True Breath Amidst the Chaos
It demands so much from you. The constant movement. The constant going. You feel yourself...
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“The Ides of March” Fiction. Based on a True Ray of Sunlight.
Just as distracted as I am. Mind in a million places. But like hummingbirds never...
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