“Exposure of Pride.” Fiction. Based on a True Circumstance.
You are now exposed, and now expelled! Your words: expelled. Your criticism: expelled. Your slashes:...
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“Ragetown.” Fiction. Based on a True Fury.
legs all shaky i collapse a heap of i love yous and i’m sorrys and...
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“Give Me Life” Fiction. Based on a True Operation.
It was constant pain, like having someone pull you from your head and toes in...
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“A Letter of Heartbreak” Fiction. Based on a True First Heartbreak.
My memories will die with me one day. But my words? Those will be forever....
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“Take In” Fiction. Based on a True Insight.
||, , ,
that drowns me, all the rubble that crushes me, and all the bellows that beat...
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“Final Split”
Sometimes you just get tired of being alone, y'know? You yearn attention.
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