“White Sheet Music” Fiction. Based on a True Decision to Write.
"White beautifully represents all potential. If we choose to add beauty to it, the world...
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“You Prefer the Beatles” Fiction. Based on a True Conversation.
"Fiddle music requires nimble fingers and quick reflexes so you’d play all day long with...
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“Broken Watch”
Human beings engage with the world in tangible and intangible ways. When we rely too...
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“here the music”
"dance strike light night twinkle twinkle in the sky wonder magic can it happen..."
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“Silence of Music.” Fiction. Based on a True Passion for Sound
She plays the love song she witnesses between the moon and sun which has no...
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“The Music in My Bones.” Fiction. Based on a True Drive to Work.
Even if that means I listen to the same six songs on repeat for hours...
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