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Burning Life Away
As days pass by they stretch on ever-longer And you are here, and here, and...
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Everything is distracting, and impermanent. Anything is possible, especially for you, and you are so...
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Stars Will Fall
even our most well-preserved of memories will be gone. we will dissipate, with grace or...
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Monument Valley
the moments you found beautiful trapped in the amber of time gentle fingers plucking colors...
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“Owed Ode.” Fiction. Based on a True Feeling of Loss.
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We can be happy that the rest of us are living, but why can’t we...
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“Cucumber and Tomato Salad” Fiction. Based on a True Feeling of Homesickness
The cucumber just tastes of a Georgia summer. You chew on the visceral memories, feeling...
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“Ivory Paper” Fiction. Based on True Love Letter Unsent.
Nothing was ever enough, not even death. How do I die without taking the ones...
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