“The Right Words” Fiction. Based on a true almost affair.
You’ve heard me when I’m unpoetic. This wasn’t "love," and I’m not "mad." “Sorry” doesn’t...
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Ticking Timebomb
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my nails are chewed down to the quick, but i am clawing my way out...
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“Open Ended Conversation.” Fiction. Based on a True Battle with Dependency.
Dependency is not born into someone it grows like a weed until It cannot be...
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“To Be Wrong Together.” Fiction. Based on a True Sapphic Love.
I cannot take my eyes off her smile. I marvel at how she is perfect....
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“Predetermined.” Fiction. Based on a True Path.
My existence makes the conformist uncomfortable. I am a walking piece of art that encompasses...
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“A Beginning and an End.” Fiction. Based on a True Lived Experience.
I've been here before, many times. Each time it gets harder and harder because I'm...
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