Lonely bear
Support Groups Reduce Loneliness and Fight Depression
For people who already had poor quality social circles, low self-esteem, guardedness, and hypervigilance are...
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Over You?
The thing about being strong is exactly that, everyone assumes I’m okay and then they...
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Image by Paula Schmidt
“Loneliness.” Fiction. Based on a True Isolation.
Because I’m lonely. I’m secluded. I see everyone, but no one sees me. I was...
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“You Know” Fiction. Based on a True Void.
You don’t want to know what he was doing, but you need to know. You...
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“Validation” Fiction. Based on True Dealings with Adult Friendships.
Maybe it’s just too many little sadnesses piled upon each other to make this mess...
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“Empty Sheets” Fiction. Based on a True Torn Out Letter
My fingers press against my bottom lip. Holding it in place. Forcing it to keep...
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