red sky at morning
What Do I Feel?
I’m going to try to say the three words and I’m going to fail. I...
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“In Life’s Laboratory” Fiction. Based on a True Series of Flops.
I see all my stuff arrayed-- Prototypes that look good but don’t function. Things I...
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jesse-yelin-470286 via pexels
Burning Life Away
As days pass by they stretch on ever-longer And you are here, and here, and...
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“Bubble Bath on Sunday Morning” Fiction. Based on a True Struggle on Death.
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Wishing it washes away her thoughts to feed the flowers, she thinks of giving back...
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“The Hidden Kingdom” Fiction. Based on a True Day in the Woods.
It's strange how much you can't see because it's right below your level of perception....
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“You Spend Your Life” Fiction. Based on a True Flight.
You spend your life exploring, The vast and open clearing. The places golden, places green:...
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“When My Cat Died” Fiction. Based on a True Season of Chaos
To grieve is to carry another time, you read, where you travel via memory and...
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“The Map to Nowhere” Fiction. Based on a True Map to Living.
A love for words That have taught me Of the smallest things Like the way...
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“Love Is Impatient, Love is Cruel” Fiction. Based on a True Feline.
My theory is that they reminisce on the wonderfully ‘romantic’ moments, the ones that produced...
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