letting go

“This Must Get Put To Rest” Annabelle Lennox
She stretches her arms wide and toward the sky. Breathing in the fresh air and...
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“Forward, Back, Up and Out” Fiction. Based on a True Anxiety.
So I grab the stem and yank that nasty thing. My best strength yields a...
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“I’m Sorry” Fiction. Based on a True Relationship That Could’ve Been.
I’m sorry it took so long to say I’m sorry and how I really was...
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“Message Sent Failed” Fiction. Based on a True Text.
You sigh while a tear falls down your left eye. You know it’s for the...
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“Letting Go” Fiction. Based on a True Healing.
So, only in the interest of self-preservation, I let you go. I force myself to...
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Pen on Handwritten journal
“Unspoken” Fiction. Based on a True Season of Heartbreak.
The lack of texts I decided was because you were just terrible at texting and...
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