“Nothing” Fiction. Based on a True Numbness.
Nothing to make you want to come out of bed, nothing to make you want...
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“A Good Day” Fiction. Based on a True Self Discovery.
“Woman must write herself: must write about women and bring women to writing, from which...
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“Are You Going to Break my Heart?” Fiction. Based on a True Vulnerable Beginning.
Because once you get your heart broken you’re never the same. Having a broken heart...
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“Familiar Face of Fear” Fiction. Based on a True Glimmer of Hope.
With one last look at the empty street, I walk back into the house’s confines,...
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“Miracles in the Chaos” Fiction. Based on a True Breath Amidst the Chaos
It demands so much from you. The constant movement. The constant going. You feel yourself...
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“The Boy Three Apartments Away” Fiction. Based on a True Unexpected Friendship
There was no need for justifying, convincing or rationalizing. My messiness wasn’t the issue. My...
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