“You Lied to Me.” Fiction. Based on a True Deception.
You lied to me. World, full of promises. That learning and understanding will always overcome....
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“Transform Me.” Fiction. Based on a True Disaster.
A golden light pours over me, An energizing peace. The assurance that a new creation...
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Wanting Everything
My mother lights the first shaky candle, and sets it in my hands. She turns...
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Ticking Timebomb
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my nails are chewed down to the quick, but i am clawing my way out...
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“To Be Wrong Together.” Fiction. Based on a True Sapphic Love.
I cannot take my eyes off her smile. I marvel at how she is perfect....
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“We Are Not Losing.” Fiction. Based on a True Battle with Mental Health.
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find your weapons in your heart, in your pen, in your pills. do what you...
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“Tomorrow It’ll Be Sunny” Fiction. Based on a True Fragility.
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What little you gather is meaningful; it has value.
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“Writing…” Fiction. Based on a True Writing Journey.
Writing has been a safe space since you can remember.
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