“I Want to Write Something For You” Fiction. Based on a True Appreciation for a Beautiful Soul.
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I always wanted to treat you delicately because you were so precious to me.
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“Into the Unknown” Fiction. Based on a True Journey into the Unknown
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She too is finding out the same thing, learning to listen to the whispers of...
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“Too Young.” Fiction. Based on a True Youth.
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Gliding through life underground and unaware. and my pen wilts in my hand, old and...
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“Hoarding.” Fiction. Based on a True Hoarding Problem.
So I made lists. to remember, until I started hoarding those too, and then I...
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“Self-Portrait as an Artists’ Journey.” Fiction. Based on a True Deepening.
She’ll experiment with shapes And lines, and I’ll be split Open and broken up into...
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“Sunday Blues” Fiction. Based on a True Change of Seasons.
On Sunday: Gentle breezes; red apples picked after friends attend Church; long walks in the...
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