growing up

“Unfairy Tale” Fiction. Based on a True Remembering.
Upon remembering, the young woman lifted the hem of her gown and saw old scars...
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“Identities of Change” Fiction. Based on a True Growth
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I may not have landed perfectly, and I have a long way to go in...
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“Beautiful Metamorphosis” Fiction. Based on a True Process of Change.
You taught me about stars on warm summer nights And sang to me when I...
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“Sixteen Candles” Fiction. Based on a True Birthday.
I see her darkness, and I understand it. It’s a darkness that coils around the...
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“Unspoken” Fiction. Based on a True Season of Heartbreak.
The lack of texts I decided was because you were just terrible at texting and...
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“Letter of Resignation” Fiction. Based on a True Unsent Letter.
You abused me. You made me feel powerless and worthless. I was a guest in...
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Losing Lady
Mum called me at 9am on a March morning. Our family dog Lady had passed...
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To Never Grow Up
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She was perfect with me until we grew up.
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