About My Best Friend, Foxy
She will be and become your ever present witness, fully integrated in your light and...
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breaching the surface
With a new sense of clarity and vision, he breached the surface. Rays of sunlight...
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“When My Cat Died” Fiction. Based on a True Season of Chaos
To grieve is to carry another time, you read, where you travel via memory and...
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“Intimidating” Fiction. Based on True Aftermath.
I had never met anyone who held me quite so tightly. I had bruises. I...
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“The Great Teacher” Fiction. Based on a True Breakthrough.
It’s not up to you to impose your beliefs, your vision for her, your access...
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“Describe Your Home” Fiction. Based on a True Heart Mangled by Grief.
||, ,
This is the home where I sleep without you. There have been others. Tomorrow will...
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“Death and Love” Fiction. Based on a True Death that Took and Gave.
I’ve been throwing up every day since last week. My mom thinks I should go...
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“Grief is a Funny Thing” Fiction. Based on a True Reflection of Grief
Sometimes you beg for the ghosts to vanish and take the pain with them, But...
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