forgiving aesthetics
Gentle Hearts Forgive
Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines forgiveness as the act of forgiving. But what does "forgiving" mean exactly?
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“I’m Sorry” Fiction. Based on a True Relationship That Could’ve Been.
I’m sorry it took so long to say I’m sorry and how I really was...
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“Sighed the Snake” Fiction. Based on a True Serpent.
"Something I have never dealt with before." - Kweisi Gharreau "Sighed the Snake" Fiction. Based...
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“The Other Cheek Part II”
The Love Story would not have existed without your strength, your courage, and self-sacrifice to...
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“The Other Cheek”
I thank you dear sister, the herald, in becoming the activator to my iron maiden...
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“Mother’s Day”
You can follow up with all the artists you said you would interview. Start there....
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