elderly dog surrounded by first aid supplies.
Shiver No More
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He’s foaming at the mouth uncontrollably. It takes 5 -10 minutes to get to the...
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“When My Cat Died” Fiction. Based on a True Season of Chaos
To grieve is to carry another time, you read, where you travel via memory and...
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“Death and Love” Fiction. Based on a True Death that Took and Gave.
I’ve been throwing up every day since last week. My mom thinks I should go...
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“Six Months” Fiction. Based on a True Dream Six Months Ago
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Our mid 20 something heroine gets out of bed. The house is quiet. The desert...
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“Emerald” Fiction. Based on a True Prayer.
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I want to die in a fog covered forest. Under a tree, whose leaves cry...
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“Coffee Shops” Fiction. Based on a True Moment in Time.
I felt too deeply even then. I spent days crying over things that I had...
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