Wanting Everything
My mother lights the first shaky candle, and sets it in my hands. She turns...
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“Becoming.” Fiction. Based on a True Sermon.
As I get older, I feel As though less of the world Sticks to me...
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“Time (in a Tree)” Fiction. Based on a True Childhood
Yellow and red leaves means the green leaves are dying. And I have never seen...
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“For the One I Lost” Fiction. Based on a True Song For a Loved One.
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I drive the streets sometime at night Past the house where I grew up. The...
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“Yellow Years” Fiction. Based on a True Color
To this day, my favorite smell in the world is the smell of spring—the smell...
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“Poverty is a Disease” Fiction. Based on a True State of Economic Peril
Poverty is a disease. It’s terminal. It’s killing me. Killing our neighborhoods. Killing the people...
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