Person processing emotions through journaling.
Journaling: The Importance of Processing Emotions
Processing emotions through journaling is important because it helps us clarify and define problems we...
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Over You?
The thing about being strong is exactly that, everyone assumes I’m okay and then they...
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“Intimidating” Fiction. Based on True Aftermath.
I had never met anyone who held me quite so tightly. I had bruises. I...
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“Poverty is a Disease” Fiction. Based on a True State of Economic Peril
Poverty is a disease. It’s terminal. It’s killing me. Killing our neighborhoods. Killing the people...
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“The Storm” Fiction. Based on a True Stormy Season.
Thunder and lightning battle as the storm rages with you inside Something on the inside...
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“Painful Past Hear to Last” Fiction. Based on True Emotions.
Unable to listen to his outspoken daughter when she needed him to hear her the...
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“Final Split”
Sometimes you just get tired of being alone, y'know? You yearn attention.
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