I’m not sure where to start. I guess I’ll start with a year ago when I randomly met a man named Sultan on a train. Sultan introduced me to Jake and Jake has helped me grow through my blocks. He, going through a life-hindering wrestling injury had learned biomechanics to fix his body so I could survive. He taught me the ways and I soon learned the knots we hold in our body are correlated with our mental blocks. These shadows are hiding things and some things were revealed and I only become more progressively conscious as the year went on.

From one block to another. Starting with my overbearing desire to be successful because of the lack of success I saw in my family. Then to understanding my desire for love and to releasing my attachment to my mother. To understanding my uncoordination and balancing my masculine/feminine. To today where I am very centered and balanced at a place of listening to the soul of those around me and taking my time and being late. Never early like I was programmed through my upbringing.

So I’ve gone through a lot in this journey, but it’s summed up by my current experience of connecting to my values. Freedom. Abundance. Respect. Surprise. Playfulness. Improvement. Communication. Trust. Originality. and Mutuality.

Bless up!


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