“Spring” Fiction. Based on a True Cherry Blossom.

“So I am giving up this fight. I made up my mind.” Julia Price


Fiction. Based on a True Cherry Blossom.

By Ruby

This journal entry is inspired by true events. Some of the characters, names, businesses, incidents, and certain locations and events have been fictionalized for dramatic purposes. Any similarity to the name, character or history of any person is entirely coincidental and unintentional.

Midday sun glistens in the sky. Cool wind is causing me to shiver. But I don’t mind,  I got you. Walking to a place we don’t know. For how long? We don’t know. Soaking up the beauty of a spring day. Cherry blossoms fall to the ground. Wind carries them away. They dance together, and some petals rest, tangled into my hair. The grass is healthy green. Butterflies try out their new wings.

Everyone can feel warmth of this season. This season brings light into our times of rain clouds. Rain fades. But you can still smell the purity from the last downpour. Everything is right. A certain sense of security hanging in the air. The reflection of the sun shimmers in the corner of your eyes. Blackberry bushes embellished with little flowers, that wait for their season.

Not everything is ready in the spring. Some still have to be patient for their time to blossom. Their time to bloom. Patience is a virtue. And sometimes the best fruit bears from the waiting. Maybe the most satisfying might just be what you had to hold your breath for. 

Sadly, not everything works right. When you wake up you realize forever is so shallow. Love rarely comes this early in a lifetime. You have to remember that ‘human’ is flawed. Not always reliable. ‘Til death’ is not a promise I hold close to my heart.

My spring day, wishing that I was holding your hand is long gone. Better I wait for my happiness, then beg for something that is breaking my heart. 

Look up at the stars tonight. Watch them twinkle.

Moon, look at her, if you can.

If the clouds don’t cover her in a thick veil.

If moon and sun were truly meant to be, would they not be together? Or are they the perfect example of waiting. Holding their breath for that moment when they catch a glimpse. Each already grieving that their moment together is only so long.

Hope and anticipation consume the loss. Is this how it should be? Should we wait, only to cherish our moment, if and when it comes?

So look at the sky. Right now. Does it show you what you want to see? Or are you looking for what I want you to see?

You will only learn if you seek what will change your mind. Maybe your mind is made. For sure. I don’t know. Whatever the case may be, go outside, take a walk, and find out who really matters. Who are you willing to wait a life time for? Who will be your moon. Your moon that will shine brightly through out the night, knowing full well she will see you soon. I’m sure you are already her sun. So, let her be the beauty that lights your way when you go out at night.

I woke up and you left. I was not surprised. But cried anyway. The room was cold, and I could only lie there. Wondering. Why you had gone? As I got dressed, and prepared myself for yet another day…it does not matter why. All that matters is I continue waking up. Continue with this life. Looking out my window the sun glares down at me. Wince. When I go out doors, my somber rain cloud drifted away. My smile returning. You may be gone. But at least the sun is here now.

And his love, moon, she will accompany me tonight. Never again shall I be lonely. With this my breaking heart will cease.

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