Skip a Beat

Skip a Beat

The touch of your hand against mine

The brush of your lips against mine

The touching of your skin against mine

Makes my heart skip a beat.

When I think about you

My heart flutters,

Like a million feathers are dancing inside me.

The feeling you have with you think of a first crush.

Sometimes I feel like I am walking in a dream

That I do not want to wake up from.

I don’t want to wake up from

The dream of me and you.

I feel so comfortable with your arms around me

Protecting me,

Shielding me from the world,

Inspiring me to face my fears and really experience life,

Through your eyes.

My heart skips a beat

Every time you make me smile,

Look into my eyes,

And pull me close,

Tenderly kissing me with those sweet lips.

Every day is a new adventure

Laughing with you,

Spending time with you

And talking with you.

I find joy

In the way that you smile,

My heart skips a beat,

Every time you find a way to make me laugh,

You send chills up my spine,

Every time you caress me

And you send me to paradise

Every time you make love to me.

You have introduced me to new ways to experience life,

You have shown how much you support my decisions in life,

And you have taught me to look at my challenges as goals

So, that we can have a better relationship,

And a better life together.

My heart skips a beat

Just thinking about you,

And the future that this dream holds.

I hope that we never wake up from it.

I thank you for making me a part of it.

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