“Silence of Music” Fiction. Based on a True Passion for Sound

Inspired by Andrea Saenz

“Silence of Music”

Fiction. Based on a True Passion for Sound

by Starry Teller

This journal entry is inspired by true events. Some of the characters, names, businesses, incidents, and certain locations and events have been fictionalized for dramatic purposes. Any similarity to the name, character or history of any person is entirely coincidental and unintentional


Light seeps through the transparent glass as though there is no medium separating the room from the melting sun. Dappled droplets of warmth fall geometrically between the shadows on the wooden floor. The pattern of light contrasts with the ever-threatening victory of evening. In his attempt to win the battle for dominance of the sky, the sun always succumbs to the beauty of the moon. Falling for her transpires slowly, yet inevitably.

F. F. Bb. Bb-A. A. A. Gm.

The haunting brilliance of the G minor lingers in the room like the intangible dust dancing in and out of the rays. The moon reveals a sliver of her face from behind the mountain. The sun gazes at her.

Bb. A. F. F. Gm. A. Bb. F.

Sweet rhythms like patterns of clouds reverberate into the ever darkening atmosphere. The moon triumphantly but sadly rises above the pointed crest. The sun writes his final goodbye with his golden pen as he loses himself into the sea.

D. Bb. A. F. F. Gm. A. Bb.

Moonlight floods through the transparent glass which refuses to hide behind silk curtains. Holli rises from the wooden bench and walks to the edge of the room. She reveals her face to the window. The moon gazes at her. Twinkling lights outside the glass flicker on and off, like nature’s flying light bulbs. Holli presses the tip of her finger to the glass as if attempting to connect herself with the electrifying incandescence only a few feet away. She smiles sadly then draws the red curtains and returns to her upright antique piano.

F. F. Bb-A. A. A. Gm.

She plays the love song she witnesses between the moon and sun which has no words but follows a consistent rhythm. She does not distinguish between the notes she plays but rather remembers their touch from memory.

Holli feels the curve of the black as it falls from its height to meet the white. She presses the tips of her fingers to the center of the keys as if attempting to understand the language she speaks but cannot understand.

Bb. A. F. F. Gm. A. Bb. F.

Holli pounds the keys in desperation to reach the sky with her sound. But she has closed the curtains, as the world has closed her ears. In a moment, she bursts into tears and buries her face in her hands. The solid wall beside the piano opens slowly and two eyes peer around the white wooden door. D flips off the hallway light and steps into the room. He sits down on the bench, facing away from the music, and rests his head on Holli’s shoulder. He feels her voice trembling as she attempts to halt her tears from falling.

I’m sorry. He presses his finger into her arm gently. He lifts his head and searches for her face in the dark. His eyes adjust. She looks into his eyes.
I want to hear it. She blinks.
I know. He blinks back.

Hollister turns back to the keys and looks at them. D gazes at her. Without looking at him, Holli reaches over and presses her finger to his hand.
Play for me.
D places her right hand atop his own and lifts it to the piano.

D. Bb. A. F. F. Gm. A. Bb.

I know those notes. I play those same ones. Holli blinks then smiles.

I know you do. Keep playing the love song. D smiles.

D gently lifts his hand from under Holli’s hand and walks to the edge of the room. He opens the curtain and looks up at the moon. She gazes down at him.

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