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• You are super shy, introverted, and socially avoidant.
• Your home feels/is broken.
• You struggle with low self-esteem.
• You are misunderstood.
• You are distant from family.
• You fear rejection.
• You want more friends but don’t know how to get close.
• You are stressed over school.
• You have trouble understanding the opposite sex.

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  • You are heartbroken from recent breakup. 
  • You were emotionally attached to your partner.
  • You measured your worth based on this relationship. 
  • Your happiness is dependent on this partner. Without, you believe that you can’t be happy. 
  • You are afraid that you weren’t good enough.
  • You may have been betrayed by your partner and you don’t know how to trust again.
  • You are depressed because all your focus is on what is wrong with you since this person does not see your worth.
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• You think your current projects are important yet useless at the same time.
• You engage in negative self-talk.
• You often feel anxious.
• You tend to suppress feelings.
• You tend to put yourself last.
• You experience whirlwinds of emotional storms.
• Everything in your life seems to revolve or have revolved around taking care of other people.
• You alter your appearance and modify aspects of your personality to fit the needs of others.
• You change your mannerisms in order to better please others.
• You find yourself giving up parts of yourself in exchange for conditional love and affection.
• You have been taught to place the needs of others above your own.
• You are feeling so many powerful and deep emotions but you are afraid of expressing them.
• You are afraid of feeling negative emotions like anger, hurt, and sadness.

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• You constantly look at the cup half empty.
• You are constantly focused on what’s wrong, what’s missing, and what you can fix.
• You are self-conscious.
• You get caught up in negative self-talk.
• You often feel anxious.
• You tend to suppress feelings deep within.
• You tend to put yourself down.
• You constantly manage other people’s perception of you.
• You obsess over what people think about you. 
• You get upset when someone doesn’t like you. You then obsess over how you can change their minds. 
• You are afraid of losing control.
• You are afraid of criticism and judgement.

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• Living on your own has been a struggle even though on the outside looking in it seems like you have it all together.
• You feel very alone despite having people surround you and looking up to you.
• No matter how hard you work, it seems like it’s never enough to take care of yourself.
• You are getting into more debt and don’t know how you will get out of it.
• You have a hard time trusting in people since people have let you down in the past.
• You have a hard time admitting the weak parts that need help and support.
• You do not trust anyone who says they want to help, because the last time you did ask for help you were let down.

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  • You are lonely in a crowded room despite being liked by the crowd.
  • You feel empty and don’t know why.
  • You feel a lack of connection with yourself and your life but don’t know why or how to fix it
  • You do not truly understand your emotions and feel wrong for having them because you think you have to feel a certain type of way to feel “right.”
  • You feel overwhelmed with this lack of meaning in your life.
  • You are having an existential crisis because you don’t know what the point of all of it is.
  • You cannot differentiate your emotions. Nothing is exactly wrong, but nothing is exactly right.
  • You feel as if no one likes you for you but for what you can do for them.
  • You are terrified that if people see the real you, they won’t like it, and/or they will leave.
  • You struggle with your identity, because you are always wearing a mask to please other people.
  • You feel stuck and guilty. You wonder how you have all things going for you, yet be so miserable at the same time.
  • You invalidate your own feelings.
  • You struggle with emotion, because cool strong people don’t show emotions.
  • You are searching for meaning but don’t know where to start.
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  • You feel alone because you have no one to share your story with and those who should be there for you are not.
  • You do not trust anyone who says they want to help, because the last time you did ask for help you were let down.
  • You want to be happy but feel like the world wasn’t made for you and/or doesn’t want you around.
  • You are hurt from being rejected by loved ones.
  • You are jaded by past experiences of opening up to others only to be disregarded, scrutinized, and/or rejected.
  • You are tired of people misunderstanding you.
  • You have been judged in “safe places” and this has left you fearing opening up in other “safe places.”
  • You have been harassed physically and verbally and it has led to avoidance behavior in terms of leaving the house.
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  • You feel like you are the problem.
  • You hear this voice in the back of your head that maybe if you weren’t here the problem would cease to exist.
  • You have a fear of exclusion due to being the odd one out time and again.
  • You have been rejected from many opportunities—jobs, housing, parties, etc.
  • You fear the silent judgement of other people around you.
  • You are scarred by hateful opinions of your identity, your beliefs, your opinions.
  • You are hurt when people treat you differently than other people.
  • You are constantly tired of being labeled a certain type of way when in reality, you are have a diverse range of abilities, colors, hobbies, and your personality is nuanced.
  • You don’t like people putting you in a certain type of box.
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  • You feel like a third-party to your own life.
  • You do not trust anyone to confide in the deeper and darker realities of your relationship with those you are supposed to love.
  • You want to be happy but feel like the world wasn’t designed for you.
  • You are getting frustrated with yourself because you can’t control your mood.
  • You blame yourself for being depressed at a time when you should be feeling happy.
  • You have been isolating yourself from friends and family since you feel like you have to deal with depression alone.
  • You don’t feel seen or heard. You feel as though nobody is taking the time to seeing how you are feeling and doing.
  • There is a numbness to your pain. You know what is happening around you but you can’t put any weight, meaning, or significance around it.
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