The Prequel to The Love Story focuses on 9 different Shadow Integration Archetypes according to the effects of heartbreak, grief, and trauma.

Shadow integration is the ability to make decisions taking into consideration both the shadow (bad) and spirit (good) voices within us that work in alliance for the better of your true passion, pursuit, and purpose. The process of shadow integration begins with shadow illumination, moves through discernment, and becomes self-realized through grace.

Shadow illumination is the ability to identify the shadow voices within our own inner narratives.

Shadow discernment is the ability to become self-aware of the good voice (the spirit) and the bad voice (the shadow) within our own inner narratives.

The thoughts that show up in our minds can be illuminated, discerned, and integrated.

Once the shadow is integrated with the spirit, the shadow ceases to create chaos in our lives, because the power of choice is returned.

To be like God is to know good (spirit) and evil (shadow), and still choose good (to act on the spiritual voices within us while taking good counsel from the shadow). 

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