“Self-Care” Fiction. Based on a True Self-Care Regiment.

“We have many aspects of ourselves and each day we have to address them and decide who’s gonna be in charge today.” -Nahko Bear


Fiction. Based on a True Self-Care Regiment.

By Nikki Wicz

This journal entry is inspired by true events. Some of the characters, names, businesses, incidents, and certain locations and events have been fictionalized for dramatic purposes. Any similarity to the name, character or history of any person is entirely coincidental and unintentional.

Trigger Warning: our program often motivates people to discuss their trauma. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, please, take a step back to address emotional flashbacks and trauma before continuing to push yourself. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 or the National Suicide Hotline at (1-800) 273-8255

In the mornings, I never forget,
To put on my smiling porcelain
Face, but I have noticed today
That there is a crack on the chin.

Nothing some glue can’t fix.

In the afternoons, I will pour myself
A cup of tea with milk that always
Clouds into perfect, smokey spirals, but
Today it looks like a storm is brewing.

My spoon stirs a little faster.

In the evenings, I wash and lotion
My hands to relax them from the day.
There is a hangnail tonight that I pull,
And pull until my skin flops from my
Hand like a torn glove.

I head to the closet for my sewing kit.

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