“Sandy Stars” Fiction. Based on a True Beginning.

“…based on some of my own kind of investigations into what makes us living and what makes us vibrant…”

-Mick Lorusso

“Sandy Stars”

Fiction. Based on a True Beginning.

By Starry Teller

A light appeared, growing in magnanimity until it was clear that this would be an everlasting light. I wondered at it. It could not condense—could not return from whence it came. 

By the light, marvelous worlds were created and spectacular stars glistened. Wondrous colors that can not be accurately described with the deficit capabilities of my vocabulary danced through the once black galaxy, and the endless abyss of nothingness became an infinite testimony of the greatness of the universe. 

The existence of all things great and mighty had their beginning. The first planet was placed in orbit, and heat first permeated the atmosphere, while the waters unfurled their splendor, and dry land rose out of the sea. 

Lions who roared proved that vibrations through the air could be perceived by the brain as sound. 

Birds who flew proved that defying gravity was worth the risk. 

Each breath was a new moment testing the fragility of life and whether or not it would last… 

And it did, and grew stronger. 

From out of nothing but a thought, all was made. 

Of all things great and mighty, the existence of crafted dirt was of the highest importance. This walking earth had a mind, and talked; it marveled at the heavens and stood along the shore. I walked to meet it, the sand spilling over my feet. This walking earth had cognitive abilities and even had a name: human. 

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