Journal-Artist Reflections Workshop

Begin your Journal-Artist Hero’s Journey

Synopsis of the Reflections Workshop

Discover the duality of your desires, design, and destiny through The Journal-Artist Program. During the 13 weeks, you will be journaling three to four times a week and sharing pieces of your journal entries with an intimate group of kindred journal-artists.

Your Journal-Artist Mentor will take you through the 1-2-3 step process of Artist-Inspired Journaling, in honor of, 1 Corinthians 13:12, “For now we see a reflection, as in a mirror…” so you may activate the subconscious voice, the parts of you that have been suppressed, so you may begin the process of discerning the truth from the life-lies in your life. 

The Journal-Artist Journey is based on 1 Corinthians 13:12 “For now we see a reflection as in a mirror and then we shall see face to face. For now I know in part, then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.” 

Leveraging the mystery of love, you—the Journal Artist, will be taking on the Hero’s Journey of acting upon your hero’s true desire, pursuit, and purpose in life. The Reflections Program deconstructs the duality within—knowing the Hero and the Villain within you is the first step of answering the Hero’s Call to Adventure. We do this by first journaling your past and present in fiction based on a true story, leveraging intimate and authentic stories on to activate your subconscious memories. Then you will leverage the face to face experiences of the journal-artist community to discern the hero’s true desire from the hidden one, through a series of resonate-editing exercises with other journal artists that will expose the truth from the life-lies of your past and present experiences.

The program will culminate in 40 Journal Entries written in the first and second voices that will provide you with the right questions to ask yourself, including and especially this one:

What is your Hero’s Call to Adventure? 

Your Role as a Journal-Artist:

  • You will journal your truth in fiction based on a true _____…,
  • You will develop healthy journaling  habits (just like exercising, eating healthy, and self-care).
  • You will explore your past by journaling intimate unsent letters written in the first person point of view, and
  • You will develop a clear picture of your present perfect moments by journaling in the second person point of view,
  • You will discover new insights, uncover deeper truths, and develop new meaning to past hardships, 
  • You will be connected with kindred journal-artists and given a container to express that which you’ve suppressed in fiction based on a true story journaling, 
  • You will be patient and kind with yourself and others in the process of examining difficult feelings, struggles, and challenges, while maintaining faith in finding the silver lining through it all. 
  • You will maintain a fictional narrative throughout the entire workshop, without disclosing which parts are true and not true to protect and respect the creative freedom of your process and others, in honor of love “does not delight in evil but rejoices in the truth,” through the realm of fiction.
  • You will refrain from gossip and you will not solicit other journal artists to disclose which parts in their journal entries are true or false. 
  • You will keep the conversations during our workshops private and respectful.
  • You will respect the diversity of everyone’s space, place, and progress during another person’s journey. 


  • Discovering your underlying needs and finding ways to meet them,
  • Expressing your truest self through fictional narrative, safe space, and support,
  • Developing your authentic writer’s voice and developing professional writing habits,
  • Gaining new insight about your past so you can enjoy life in the present,
  • Leveraging your subconscious for creative expression,
  • Looking past the surface of your feelings to find what’s beneath,
  • Defining what the problem is so you can refine your pursuit a life that uncovers deeper meaning,
  • Becoming more in tune with your emotions and learning your patterns, and
  • Making choices that won’t perpetuate bad behaviors, destructive tendencies, self sabotage, bad habits, and negative patterns. 

An Introduction to The Journal-Artist Reflections Program:

Role of Journal-Artist Mentors:

  • To hold space, accountability, and structure, 
  • Help journal artists develop the habit of artist-inspired journaling, 
  • Provide a safe and open container for them to speak their truth in fiction, 
  • Mentor Journal-Artists through the process of discovering their authentic journaling voice, 
  • Support them on their journey to self expression, and uncovering the duality of Hero and Villain, 
  • Facilitate their pain-to-passion journey by helping them transform a tragedy into a love story, and 
  • Seeing your life through new and profound perspectives to allow you see the hardships through the lens of love defined.

Meet Your Journal-Artist Mentors:

Mingjie Zhai

Mingjie Zhai is a former educator of 12 years with a masters in Secondary Education. She founded The Love Story Media, Inc. to inspire the broken hearted to transform their tragedy into a love story through love defined in 1 Corinthians 13. Her purpose is to build effective programs that transforms people’s personal tragedies into a Love Story through creative expression. Mingjie loves to travel, write, film, and produce unique content. On her spare time, she reads, snowboards, and hikes.

Annalyn Miller:

Annalyn graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in Communications and Media Productions. She is currently working at University of Washington as a financial analyst. Annalyn’s work has been published in small anthologies from poetry to short stories on death and loss. She currently serves as Digital Content Producer and Journal-Artist Writer at The Love Story for the past year. Aside from her professional career, Annalyn is also a full time mama of an incredible little girl. Her family is everything, and in her free time she loves trekking through rivers looking for ‘treasures.’

McKenna Themm:

McKenna graduated from California State University San Marcos with her BA in Literature and Writing. She is working in the Rhetoric and Writing Studies department at San Diego State University as she pursues her Master’s in Creative Writing. She published her own book of poetry a few years ago and is published in two poetry anthologies as well as two creative writing anthologies since then. She is very happy to have found The Love Story and is honored to contribute to it, alongside the talented editors and producers. McKenna is a musician and artist as well as a writer and spends her free time composing music and painting.