Reasons Why You Should Not Break Up With Me. Fiction. Based on a True Bad Breakup

“Reasons Why You Should Not Break Up With Me”

Fiction. Based on a True Bad Breakup.

by Noah Taylor

All journal entries are inspired by true events. Some of the characters, names, businesses, incidents, and certain locations and events have been fictionalized for dramatic purposes. Any similarity to the name, character or history of any person is entirely coincidental and unintentional.

Reasons why you should not break up with me:
Reason 1: I am a reasonable, rational person, and I want the best for you. I love you so much, even if you need to leave I will do my best to support you, but I know if you left you would hit a downward spiral that I would regret leaving you in.
Reason 2: You are making it my job to fix this bullshit you put me through every three months.
Reason 3: You are treating me like I am not the person who has been in your life for the last two and a half years, but some hoe you started fucking two weeks ago. That’s so much disrespect.
Reason 4: I deserve to at least hear your worries as they are happening, not a fucking month later, asshole. I don’t ask you to bottle your feelings. I am eager to listen to you and help you, but you are being selfish in this relationship by not letting me be the good best friend to you that I know I am.
Reason 5: You are being hard headed as fuck.
Reason 6: You are not in charge of making all the choices in this relationship for both of us. By not listening to my side all the way and only bringing up stuff when you’ve made up your mind about them you are ruling me out of a decision that it is important, that I am apart of, and that’s really fuckin annoying because I am a healthy adult who can make their own fucking choices.
Reason 7: You are being emotionally manipulative when you do not let me make decisions as well and then dump them on me in a text message the DAY I LEAVE PHOENIX FOR FLAGSTAFF. I am a busy student who works a job and owns a dog, at least show some damn respect for me as a person by breaking up with me in person.
Reason 8: You can’t even take care of yourself right now and if I left I know you would hit rock bottom. I want to be there for you when that happens.
Reason 9: You are going through and have been through some real traumatizing shit that is completely valid, but how you are coping with them is not.
Reason 10: I am the best person in your life hands down right now and you pushing me away is self-sabotage. You have no fucking friends in Phoenix, no fuckin motivation, and are going through a really hard time for reasons outside of this relationship.
Reason 11: Why the fuck are you pushing all this rational trauma on the only person in your corner. Get a fucking therapist.
Reason 12: Unhealthy habits you have that back my ideas.
I have to yell at you in order for you to stop being stupid like this. I am not your mom. I’ve never been your mom, but all of a sudden you are forcing your trauma on me like I’m responsible for it as if I was he. This is not something to break up over because then you will just inflict all of the “trauma” that is added from this onto the next person. Women don’t need that. Why can’t we just sort it out now together? Why can’t I be there for you while you overcome this?
Reason 13: You are too good at arguing and that facilitates an environment where I can not win. That’s fucked up. Why are you approaching me with your mind made up (extremely disrespectful) when I love you (so much) and only want to help (so much)?
Reason 14: I could be a really good tool to help you, but you are not letting me. I have been through shit too without you, and with you, and I can be supportive while you do it. Why are you acting like I can’t?
Reason 15: When you spring these arguments up with me, with your mind made up and aren’t ready to listen to my side of it, it shows me that a) you’re afraid, and b) you don’t trust me. You have no reason to believe that I wouldn’t be helpful to you while you are going through whatever you’re going through (who fuckin knows what you are going through, why are you constantly changing your reasoning?) because I have given no reason for you to believe that you can’t trust me and lean on me.
Reason 16: Why can’t you ask for fuckin help from me without making it traumatizing for both of us?
Reason 17: Do you see now why I have every reason to stay and no reason to go based on how you’re acting? I love you and have loved you for the last two and a half years. You can’t just get rid of me by being a cunt to me, because I won’t give up on you if I know I can help you.
Reason 18: Who the fuck thinks of the future years ahead when it’s so uncertain other opportunities can interfere or replace your goals? Why can’t I cheer you on one step at a time while you achieve your goals and then when we decide its healthy if we should break up we do so? Why do we have to break up presumptively when we have no idea what’s gonna happen?
Reason 19: I know this is not you, and I demand better from you as your best friend and best person in your life. Do whatever you have to do and stop making excuses for it and tell me how I can help you get there.
Reason 20: My dog. What will she do if you suddenly stop coming to visit her?


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