The Love Story Presents: 
Break Your Heart Open Live Stream Series
Destiny’s Painting Inspired-Expressive Writing, Open Mic Journal Sharing & Resonating
 Thank you for all coming!

Destiny-Inspired Journaling Prompts

 Explore Resiliency

Destiny Storm-Inspired Journaling Session

Visual Artist Destiny Storm will be facilitating our emotional exploration of feelings through expressive writing and visual painting, inspired by her various art pieces, with the theme of resiliency.

 Thank you for all coming!
 Saturday, February 27th, 2021
Morning & Evening

Destiny’s Painting-Inspired Journaling Session

—90 Minutes—

10:00am-11:30am pst

11:00am-12:30pm cst

1:00pm-2:30am est

Journal-Artist Open Mic & Resonating

—30 Minutes—

7:00pm-8:30pm pst

9:00pm-10:30pm cst

10:00pm-11:30pm est

 Previous Artist Performances-Inspired Journaling Sessions
Live, Intimate, & Authentic
Reveal, Feel, Deal, & Heal,
Sasha-Inspired Journaling Prompts [Performance Jan. 30th, 2021]
  1. List 3 people you have negative feelings against. Pick the person who has the most heart resonance and begin the process of forgiving through a letter (i.e. I forgive you for….breaking my fingers, belittling me, hurting my father….etc..).
  2. What are you ready to forgive yourself for? (i.e. a negative reoccurring feedback loop such as “I forgive myself for having belly fat” or “I forgive myself for calling myself [these names]” or for having certain feelings).
  3. What’s coming up for us in the forgiving process? (i.e. stumbling blocks, revelations, deeper understandings).
Elsa-Inspired Journaling Prompts [Performance Dec. 26th, 2020]
  • Tell a story that you have never told centered around true self-expression.
  • What’s the most profound experience of your life, if not the most, then one of them.
  • Think about somebody in your life that you wish you could say something to that you no longer have the opportunity to…what would that letter look like if it means you would never send it?
  • What makes you happy and what makes you feel hopeful for the future?
Marlaina-Inspired Journaling Prompts [Performance Nov. 26th, 2020]

Prompt 1: Where have you grown this year? Be it personal growth, growth in friendships, growth in something you love.

Prompt 2: What’s something you’ve been ignoring within yourself? Whether on purpose or unintentionally. It could be a need you have, an experience you’ve yet to fully process, a weakness that is seeking strength.

Prompt 3: When have you helped someone close to you and how did that affect your relationship with them? When have you let someone help you and what did you learn about yourself in doing so?

We Look Forward to Seeing you Soon ♥
 Thank you for all coming!