Welcome to the Newcomer’s Guide

Part 1: Pull Quote

(For Now We See a Reflection, As In A Mirror)

Part One is designed to activate your subconscious through a mirror darkly. Journal by Shadow is to Read journal entries  and Journal by Spirit is to watch artist interviews. Then, pull quotes that resonate with. Copy quote onto your notebook. Please remember to give attribution to the author or artist. Leverage quote to activate your subconscious for Part 2: Journal.

Journal by Shadow

Begin by clicking on the shadow keyword you resonate with.

If you are on a desktop, hover over the pictures with your mouse. Quotes will appear. If you are on a tablet or phone, tap once for the quote to appear.

Once inside, read the journal entry. Pause in places that resonate with you. Copy and paste the lines or paragraphs onto your notebook. Don’t forget to credit the author.

When time is up, feel free to share your quote with the group.

Journal by Shadow

Journal by Spirit: Watch Artist interviews on how they’ve transformed pain into passion. Pull quote from their shares. 

Scroll down. You will see categories filtered by passion keywords. Click on your passion. Scroll down again. You will find pictures of Artists. If on a desktop, hover over the picture to read the quote. If you like the quote, click into the picture, where you will discover a video. 

Watch the video. You can start from the beginning or click somewhere random in the middle of the video and start watching. 

Pause Video and Pull Quote. When you come upon something that resonates with you, pause the video and pull the quote onto your notebook. Don’t forgive to give credit to the artist who said it.

Journal by Spirit

Part 2: Journal

(Then We Shall See Face to Face)

For optimal experience for sharing and resonate-editing in Part 3, we recommend journaling on a Google Doc, although this is not required.

If you have a gmail account, you will be able to have access to Google Docs.
Go to https://docs.google.com.

The reason why The Love Story utilizes Google Docs for journaling, sharing, and resonate-editing is because Google Docs is encrypted, is a reliable cloud storage, and gives you the ability to open and close access to your journal entries.

Pen on Handwritten journal

The Three Suggestions:

1. “The Passion Letter”—Write as if you are writing directly to that person.
2. “Message in a Bottle”—Write as if you need to confess something.
3. “The Novelist” —Someone tore a page out of your novel based on your past—what would they be reading?

pixabay via pexels

The Suggested Format:


Fiction. Based on a True ________. 

By Your Pen Name or Alias

When time is up, you have the option of sharing or passing.

Part 3: For Now I Know In Part, Then I Shall Know Fully, Even as I Am Fully Known

The last part of our journaling session involves optional sharing and optional resonate-editing. We believe that the more resonations you receive from kindred strangers, the closer your relative truth is towards the sovereign truth.

If you have journaled on a Google Doc, please share the link at this time. Please make sure to set it to Edit. If you do not feel like sharing, do not post on the zoom chat link.

What if you did not write on a Google Doc?

If written on anything but Google Doc, please read aloud & the rest of the group will be direct messaging you words, phrases, annotations of parts they can relate to on the Zoom Chat Private Message. 

 How to Prepare for Resonate-Editing on Google Doc 

Step 01: Click Share Button

Step 02: Change Share Setting

Step 03: Change to Anyone With Link

Step 04: Allow Others to Edit

Step 05: Change Share Setting Back to Private

How Do You Resonate-Edit?

Part 4: Gifts and Gratitude

Thank you to all who have attended. The intention of this session is to get you started. The depth of your writing will be optimized on your personal time. 

We believe that resonations will discern relative truth from sovereign truth—the more resonations you receive, the closer you are towards the sovereign truth. This is our hypothesis. May the truth set us free. 

We are The Love Story, a non-profit organization whose mission is to transform pain into purpose through expressive writing. 

If you want to learn more about how expressive writing can help you illuminate and integrate your shadow, start by discovering your Shadow Integration Archetype.

What is Your Shadow Integration Archetype?

If you want your journal entries to inspire others to journal deeper, you can donate your journal entry. Feel free to use your real name or your pen name. The level of privacy is up to you. 

Donate Journal Entry

The Love Story Organization offers free expressive writing resources to journal-artists committed to transforming our pain into purpose. This organization is for us and by us. Your donations matter. It pays for our server, content, and resources.

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