I love reading, I never go anywhere without access to a book. I love teaching and music, inspiring conversations and coffee. Purpose: I want to connect people to the past in a way that is relevant to them. Professional: Assistant Property Manager and Volunteer Journal ArtistI’ve been writing for myself since middle school. The EnglishTeacher my 7th grade year encouraged us to keep journals and had assignments to go with them of course and I found myself drawn to fiction. I’ve been dreaming up worlds ever since. That experience goes hand in hand with my love of reading. My “to read” pile is always larger than my completed pile. I didn’t discover that I had a love of history or teaching until I started my college education. I find myself more often than not spouting out random facts as they apply to the world around me and I love giving that perspective to others. My professional life is service oriented but volunteering with the love story brings me a little more balance.

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