My Soulcry

by Jess

IG  j_essence_

Though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death,

fear will evanesce in the midst of hope as the heavenly light makes a way for faith’s roots to rise.

There has never been such a time as this:
to conquer the face of devilish pollution
that has broken down humanity’s purpose in the Kingdom; it’s an evolution.
Right now, preparation is taking place and creative visionaries on every continent of the world
are being hurled into positions of leadership and striking creative change and development.
Here I stand, a woman with a burning fire inside the depths of my being,
breaking out of this shell I have been cocooned in my whole life…but tonight,
my wings are burning with the fiery passion to take flight and unite.
There is a high demand for your perseverance and an extraordinary strength that transcends all doubt
when you willingly take the hand that is guiding you to a better land.
Don’t you dare stop now.
Push through the darkness and intentionally seek the light that lays beyond the tragedy of this fight.
Pick up your sword and carry on for depression only lasts for so long…
There is victory is your misery and there is joy in utilizing your pain to hop into an entirely different lane,
for we are called to be an epic light in His glorious name.

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