Missing You

Driving in your neighborhood

once in a while

I look for you

I don’t know why

years have passed

since our last contact

our last touch

our last kiss


It’s all crazy

I am a light stalker

I am a lunatic

It’s time to move on

I have tried…

A dozen other girls

but nothing like

you has come my way


So far, you were

the only one that

loved to touch my skin

I was your beauty

I was the end for you

In my eyes, you saw

the world, the universe

and so much more


Right now, I’m sitting

on a park bench at

3rd Ward Park in Passaic

It was where we first met

It is a chilly Saturday afternoon

just like it was on the way we met

Many Jews are walking about

as it was on the day we met


It is the same scenario but

my only friend is air

as it blows through my

hair making me shiver a bit

I kinda hope you walk by

I kinda hope you smile at me

All I can do is hope though

As I write on this bench



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