Public Relations Intern

My name is Marisol, and I majored in Communication and minored in Health Science in hopes of pursuing a career in PR, specifically for mental health and wellness. In the past year, I’ve realized that I love what makes us human. I love the messiness, the dark, the shadow, the “ugly.” I love the light, the joy, the freedom that comes from speaking the truth. This is where I feel like every cell in my body comes to life. I believe this is why we’re here, to form honest and meaningful connections without our masks, and to help each other heal through creative expression, vulnerability, and courage. Creative expression has been my biggest healer, and I believe that all of our stories happen to us for a reason. So that maybe one day we could be a light for someone else too. There needs to be beauty in a world full of pain, and The Love Story is proof of that beauty. One day, I hope to be a source of hope for those who feel hopeless by using my skill set to represent organizations like The Love Story reach masses with their mission.

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