Manifestation Journaling

By: Maralize Carreon 

What is Manifestation Journaling?

Manifestation journaling is, at its heart, intentionally and consciously writing about what you desire to make your reality. Manifestation in itself, is a method used to attract positive action and outcomes from engaging in positive thinking. Essentially, it means making your dreams and desires into a reality by ‘living’ your goals (Mål Paper). Manifestation is often associated with the Law of Attraction, which states that positive thoughts can bring forth positive things in our life. We can use manifestation in conjunction with the physical form of writing to change the course of our lives. This is where manifestation journaling comes into play. Manifestation journaling, in particular, pulls from both spiritual and mystical ideologies as well as psychological findings. As stated by Lisa Marie Basile, words have the power to create, and energy comes from intention. Using our words, we can write our intentions and goals and make them into reality.

According to Kate from Manifesting & Human Design, the process of manifestation is similar to that of atoms. As humans, “we too vibrate with positive and negative energy; high frequency thinking patterns, attitudes, and positive emotions result in positive vibrations, while low frequency thinking patterns result in negative vibrations” (Kate). Therefore, if we project positive energy out into the world, according to the Law of Attraction, positive energy will come back to us in some shape or form. There are psychological elements that support this as it has been found that positive people are more content and happier than those who choose to live with a negative mindset. This form of thinking is also similar to that of the placebo effect (Mål Paper). Manifestation journaling uses these ideas as writing your intentions with positivity in mind will eventually lead you to live out your goals. When you believe in yourself and life more optimistically, the more likely you are to be relaxed and intentional, which then leads to better outcomes. 

Different Methods of Manifestation Journaling

There are many different methods of manifestation journaling that you can engage in. Manifestation is specific to you and what you desire. However, there are many different methods you can use that you may feel works best. One method you can use is ‘I am’ journaling. In this form of manifestation journaling, you manipulate your surrounding energy by writing down affirmations. Affirmations are incredibly powerful as it “puts the person in the driver’s seat in their life” (Carrington). They can change your mindset and provide a positive shift in focus to go after what you want for yourself. Doing this boosts your overall confidence and can lead you to success.

Affirmations aid in overcoming the negative thoughts that can keep us from pursuing our goals. Repeating affirmations out loud and physically writing them into the world has been used in therapy practices to build self-identity, confidence, and strength of self (Carrington). Some examples of ‘I am’ journaling are:

  • I am in control of my future and my success.
  • I am worthy of all things good and will work to make good things happen to me.
  • I am grateful, blessed, and appreciative of those who love me for who I am; I will love me for who I am.

Along with ‘I am’ journaling, freewriting is another technique that can help you jumpstart your manifestation journey. According to Dr. Tchiki Davis, freewriting can help us “overcome the inertia of the blank page.” Freewriting involves writing whatever comes to mind. It helps guide the flow of your thoughts onto paper. It may bring awareness to things you have not considered before or things you may not have been aware of. This helps with self-reflection and provides clarity to what your true goals are. It can also serve as a medium to clear emotions you have been bottling and provide you with relief. Acceptance and clarity work hand-in-hand in allowing you to freely achieve your goals without the weight of your burdens.

Two forms of manifestation journaling, called morning intentions and evening reflections, work together to make each day meaningful and purposeful. Morning intentions are exactly what is in the title. It is starting your morning by writing out your intentions or goals for the day, or any feelings you feel in the moment as well as positive actions you can take to achieve your goals (Kate). This makes you practice holding yourself accountable and helps you live with intention. Similarly, evening reflections are meant to help you reflect on your day, whether or not you achieved the goals you set in the morning, and pushes you to assess why you were able or not able to accomplish what you had set to do. 

These are some methods that you can use to kickstart your manifestation journaling path. Here at The Love Story you can participate in journaling sessions to make your dreams become reality, face and overcome the things that have been weighing on your shoulders, and discover that there is healing in strengthening your confidence.

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