Journaling During a Pandemic

Journaling During a Pandemic

Katie Andrews

No one could have predicted how 2020 would turn out. So many things have changed, and life as we know it has transformed. With so much change and uncertainty, it’s important to record and journal.

While your journals may not become a bestselling book, your entries carry their own importance–even if that importance is only relevant to you. Chronicling life during COVID-19 many seem mundane, but it will be easy to forget how things were when the new normal sets in. In addition to ascribing events, journaling can boost mood and positive feelings, improve self-awareness and memory power, and diminish post-traumatic symptoms like avoidance and intrusion (Alex, 2020). Even if the journaling doesn’t help in the moment, it may give you clarity down the road.

Journaling allows you to take a break from the world–a break from the news, social media, and the things that create anxiety in your life. Take time to write about the mundane and the painful, the interesting and the confusing. Whether you journal on paper or a screen, writing helps to give you a space of peace, if only for a little bit.

In addition to bringing you peace of mind, recording the events of 2020 is a great way to preserve them for future generations–or just to remind yourself of what you went through. You should never think your life isn’t significant enough to journal about (Alex, 2020). Write so that you can look back and reflect. Write to look back and see what you overcame and maybe see things in a different perspective. Reveal, deal, and heal.

If you’re struggling to journal during the pandemic, consider checking out the resources we have on our websites. We have a variety of different journaling workshops you can join to help get you in the habit of journaling. Whether you’re journaling to heal, journaling to purge, or journaling for growth, we’re here to help.

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